Reporting to: Carpentry & Joinery Head Trainers
Experience: 8+Years
Employment Type: Full-Time; 4-months’ Probation
Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Closing Date: January 31st, 2021

Buildher is looking to grow its team by bringing on a Carpentry & Joinery trainer to support the organization’s Training Team. The Carpentry & Joinery Trainer will help coordinate, deliver, assess and innovate Buildher’s technical training, working closely with the Head Trainers, and working in regular collaboration with The Buildher Team. This position is highly collaborative and engages aspects of training, wellness support, mentorship, gender equality and empowerment.

The ideal candidate should possess vast experience in Carpentry and a passion for highly engaged, hands on learning. The candidate will also need to have a flexible learning mindset and show a willingness and interest to grow and advance their community engagement and women’s empowerment skills.
The Buildher Mission: Empower women through construction.
Buildher equips disadvantaged young women in Kenya with accredited construction skills, leading to greater financial prosperity, changing male attitudes and promoting gender equity within the construction industry.


  • To provide training, advice and support to trainees to ensure they obtain the skills, knowledge and experience relevant to their vocational qualification.
  • In partnership with the C & J lead trainers and team, liaise with employers as appropriate, to ensure that the trainees are undertaking industry aligned training to achieve the appropriate level of vocational & industry qualification.
  • To support the Carpentry and Joinery lead trainers to deliver the C & J learning activities, schemes of work, theoretical and practical exercises and supervise the work of the technical department team within the C & J department on a day-to-day basis.
  • To ensure a safe, efficient, dignified and pleasant working environment.
  • To support projects as required, contributing and using practical experience to ensure that training programs are achieved on schedule and within budget and to the highest quality standards required.


  • Prepare and deliver learning activities to meet Buildher guidelines and standards, using a variety of methods established by the C & J Lead Trainers to support development of knowledge and skills.
  • Support drafting practical projects, making cutting list and estimation of project material quantities.
  • Prepare Schemes of Work.
  • Plan, prepare and deliver lessons to all trainees in class and workshop settings.
  • Work within the Buildher curriculum, alongside Buildher’s department teams to contribute to relevant committees and other meetings related to ensuring program success.
  • Comply with and complete all necessary performance paperwork and processes to the required standard for compliance in conjunction with the Impact and C &J teams, ensuring timelines are met.
  • Identify, promote and market opportunities to employers with the potential to offer placements/ employment opportunities for trainees liaising with the Placement Department.
  • Promote training to new and existing employers to establish and maintain work links and partnerships, working in conjunction with the Placement Department adopting an ambassadorial role to ensure industry alignment, as well as address/ respond to employer feedback.
  • Provide mentorship, guidance and support to trainees while upholding Buildher’s Safeguarding Policies and Code of Conduct.
  • Support standardized national testing including National Industrial Training Authority Examination registration and examinations.


 Monthly evaluation of trainees.
 Support the C & J team on material procurement.
 Training on work safety, welfare, and wellness training.
 Ensure the department’s activity conforms to health and safety requirements, including, risk assessments, operating procedures, and the general policies and procedures of the Company.
 Develops lesson plans and supplementary materials compatible with the departments basic instructional philosophy to adapt the curriculum to the needs of trainees.
 Maintenance of performance records.
 Instruct and monitor trainees in the use and care of equipment and materials in order to prevent injury to students and/or damage to equipment.
 Instruct trainees in the proper use, care and safe handling of tools, machines and equipment.
 Supervision of trainees’ practical projects.
 Supervision of workshop cleaning in liaison with workshop assistants.
 Overall management of workshop store.
 Evaluate each trainee’s growth in knowledge and skills in the course
 Administer testing in accordance with departments testing practices.
 Provides for safe storage and proper use of materials, equipment and tools.
 Deliver training the C & J training program involving demonstrations, lectures, discussions, and trainee experiments; organize activities for optimal learning.
 Establish clear objectives for all lessons, units and projects and clearly and concisely communicate those objectives to trainees.
 Identifies trainee needs, and cooperate with other team members in assessing and helping trainees solve health, attitude, and learning problems.
 Performs other such duties as may reasonably be assigned by the Director or lead Trainer.
 Work collaboratively and respectfully with all Buildher teams to achieve program success.


  • 10+ years in relevant teaching and work experience in a Carpentry and Joinery in workshop and construction environments.
  • Excellent Carpentry and Joinery hands on skills.
  • Knowledge of Health & Safety legislation within a theoretical context.
  • Ability to develop, read and understand technical drawings, sections, plans and elevations.  Experience developing learning materials and delivering Carpentry & Joinery Training.  Experience writing and delivering pre-prepared training and learning materials to provide Carpentry & Joinery training.
  • Experience managing and handling trainees/learners.
  • Ability to lead others in a classroom, site or workshop environment.
  • Good interpersonal skills with a strong ability to work collaboratively in teams.
  • A determination to drive high personal standards in self and others.
  • A desire to learn and grow collaboratively, improve and develop new skills.
  • A willingness to engage in problem solving.
  • A willingness to learn and adopt a gendered approach to training and development.
  • A flexible approach to dealing with others.
  • Ability to use woodworking machinery and industry relevant hand tools.
  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Ability to work with efficiency and accuracy while prioritizing workload to meet deadlines.


  • Degree or Craft Certificate in Carpentry & Joinery
  • Management or supervisory experience in Carpentry & Joinery
  • Teaching certification in Carpentry & Joinery
  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • Proficiency in drafting software
  • Fluent (written and oral) in English & Kiswahili
  • Proficiency in optimization software considered an advantage
  • Experience in entrepreneurship training and curriculum development considered an advantage


Send application to:
Subject title: Buildher Carpentry & Joinery Trainer Job Application

Application should include

  • A detailed cover letter explaining your qualifications, why you are a good fit, and what attracts you to apply for this position.
  • Your detailed CV showing relevant experience.
  • 1 Page writing sample of previous work (e.g. excerpts of writing/ project reports) in PDF format.
  • 3 References from relevant Carpentry & Joinery experience. At least 1 reference should be able to speak to your leadership experience.